Every Little Wit Counts
Artful Truth

Every Little Wit Counts

Artful Truth
Creative Direction, Branding, Visual Design, Copywriting

Artful Truth is an answer to a question no one thought to ask—how can I possibly get my favorite rap lyrics on a framed canvas?

A website was only the beginning of the design process. We weren't building a website, we were building a brand.

Every detail was artfully designed to build a brand with a strong, cohesive voice, including original artwork from local illustrators, a brand identity and visual design to match, a robust collection of email marketing designs.

Art by Sel Thomson (L) and Brian Hurst (R). Art Direction by Megan Gray

Creating categories like 'Unspirational' and peppering the homepage experience with surprises and delights, animations, and one-liners, enriches the brand voice and complements the artwork.

Building a product catalog that is original and thoughtfully curated and organized will differentiate Artful Truth in this crowded marketplace.

Art by Sel Thomson. Art Direction by Megan Gray

Logo exploration included a playful nod to the parental advisory warning label, and the strategic bisecting of the logotype to play on the contrast between irreverent art and canvas as a medium.

After an in-depth discovery and design workshop, a manifesto just felt right in lieu of the standard About page fare. This was a great way to tie in the tagline we developed for their brand.

Creating email marketing flows to extend the customer experience post purchase builds greater brand awareness. Designing branded themes and taking care to craft on-brand copy personalizes the experience.